CD24L Laminating Machine

The CD24L laminating machine is the smallest in the range of laminating machines designed to transform a highly skilled manual procedure into a systematic operator process. The machine is a low cost solution to ensure consistent laminating parameters such as speed, pressure and film tension and also reduces any potential for contamination during the laminating process.


Powered laminating table with variable speed control.
Adjustable auto table stop position.
Hands free automatic release liner film collection.
Fully adjustable laminating pressure.
Quick release urethane laminating roller pneumatically raised and lowered.
Selectable table vacuum.
Adjustable table jack to accommodate different material thicknesses.
Adjustable film tensioning device.
All anodised aluminium & stainless steel construction for cleanroom compatibility.

Machine specification:

110v or 220v option.
80 PSI clean, dry air supply required.
Self generating vacuum system.

Overall dimensions: 1080 x 600 x 1300mm (WxDxH).
Approx weight 100 Kgs.

Process Capabilities:

LCD support table 500mm x 375mm.
Maximum roller rubber length 375mm.

Additional options:

Laminating rollers made to customer specific lengths and hardnesses.
Table sub plates to accommodate special substrates for laminating.
Temperature controlled heated table.