Each of our laminating machines provide a motorised flat table to support the material to be laminated and a fixed position pressure roller to apply the laminating force.  With adjustable speed and pressure, the laminating process is very consistent and eliminates the 'curl' often experienced with pinch roll laminating machines.  

The flat bed table has vacuum suction to hold down the lower material, while the top material is supported above by a tensioning device.  As the table moves along, the top laminate is applied to the bottom laminate under pressure from the roller.  Any release liner from the top material is collected by the machine as it laminates, which reduces any potential for contamination in the final product.

Generally, any materials can be laminated together,  usually these are self adhesive films such as optically clear adhesive 'OCA' which is used to join other films or films to glass.  Applications also include laminating polarizer film to LCDs / glass and laminating specialist optical films to film / glass substrates.

Our machines provide consistent laminating parameters and also have optional ionisation to remove static during the process to further remove potential for contamination.  The process is highly recommended to be performed in a clean environment and we offer a range of Clarion clean booths for this purpose.  

Available in a range of sizes from 24" up to 100"